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Listing on is a free and easy way to promote your business and reach prospective customers looking to shop local. Consumers have caught on that spending their dollars in their community pays off. is the most detailed and comprehensive source of information on Simi Valley businesses and their diverse products and services. As more residents realize the value of shopping locally and choose local merchants, you can take advantage of the trend and of the benefits of listing your business. To create your listing, click the button below.
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Help prospective customers find you.
Make it easy for Simi Valley residents and businesses interested in shopping locally to find your company and learn more about your products or services.
Showcase your business:
Include basic information like business name, address, contact, and operating hours,as well as a description, a photo or logo, and even an offer for customers to print and use. You can link to your website, and manage your listing to make changes.
Reach people interested in shopping locally. is a resource for residents looking for local providers of products and services. If your business is listed, you're more likely to get a customer.
Offer discounts to attract and track business.
You can include a discount offer in your listing that your customers can print and redeem, and that you can track to measure redemption. You can change your offer anytime to create seasonal specials and a variety of promotions.
Benefit from seasonal and product-specific promotions.
Your business could benefit from seasonal and product or category specific promotional messages on, for major shopping holidays and key periods like Spring, Summer, and back-to-school.
Connect more with your customers.
Being a part of Shop Simi Valley First gives you another way to connect with your customers, to start a dialogue, ask their opinion, thank them for their business, and to find common cause in supporting your community.
Popular support.
Over 90% of Simi Valley residents indicated in a survey they support the Shop SimiVValley First Program, and more people are realizing the benefits of buying locally.