City of Simi Valley Shop Simi Valley First Website Business Participation Policy

The City of Simi Valley has established this website as a “nonpublic forum” whose primary purpose is to facilitate its “Shop Simi Valley” program to encourage people to patronize local businesses and promote a positive image of the City of Simi Valley in order to develop the economic welfare of the community. Since this website is a nonpublic forum, and since a municipal government’s website is available to anyone surfing the Internet, the City has the responsibility to ensure that any businesses that are allowed to participate in this program and link to its own website are sensitive to a diverse customer audience.

Based upon the foregoing, the City reserves the right to grant or deny the request of a business to participate on this website and establish links from this website to websites that are controlled or maintained by them. Decisions to grant or deny requests for such participation or links will be based on compliance with the standards contained in this policy. The purpose of these standards is to assure that the effectiveness of the City’s “Shop Simi Valley” program is not hindered, since it would be counter productive to the goal of encouraging the economic welfare of the community to have links to websites or participation by businesses that negatively affect the image of the City of Simi Valley.

Acceptable business participants, and their websites, shall be appropriate to all regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, gender, or other factors. Unacceptable businesses include those who engage in the sale of products or who have links to websites that contain nudity/pornography, adult and/or hate language. Unacceptable businesses also include, those whose activities or products are restricted to adults only, or that encourage or feature hostility or violence, attacks on ethnic, racial or religious groups, illegal discrimination against any group, or illegal or inappropriate use of firearms, or drugs, or any illegal activity.

City staff will review and approve all requests for participation on the “Shop Simi Valley” website for compliance with the foregoing to ensure the consistent application of this policy.