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Shop Simi Valley First - Keeping our Local Economy Running Strong.
Shop Simi Valley First, one of the most innovative and comprehensive shop-local programs in the region, is an economic development initiative of the City of Simi Valley in collaboration with the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and local businesses. With over 120,000 residents and the third largest city in Ventura County, Simi Valley's economy is a vibrant mix of retail, commercial, service, and manufacturing. The City is a rare mix of modern progress and traditional values, where innovation and economic opportunities are balanced by the basic virtues of family, friends, and community pride.
Program objectives
Like all cities in California, Simi Valley faces economic challenges: to sustain the standard of living for residents, create opportunities for local businesses, and maintain the quality of life in the community by providing essential services. The Shop Simi Valley First Program was designed to achieve specific economic development objectives and help position the City for continued prosperity. The Program's primary goals are:
Program accomplishments
Through a mix of advertising, community outreach, a comprehensive website, and strategic partnerships with local retailers, the Shop Simi Valley First Program has helped increased awareness and promote the benefits of shopping locally. Survey data indicates more residents are modifying their shopping habits and buying from local merchants. Promoting Shop Simi Valley First has also increased the number of local businesses registered on, the fastest, easiest way to find products and services from A to Z from local providers.
Moving forward
Simi Valley’s character is defined by self-reliance; it is a city that prefers to chart its own course and control its own destiny. By increasing awareness that every dollar spent in Simi Valley is an investment in its future and by supporting local businesses, the Shop Simi Valley First Program is contributing to greater local economic sustainability and a brighter future for everyone who lives or works in one of Southern California's finest cities.