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  • When purchases are made in the City and sales tax is
    applied, the City receives 1% of the taxable sale.
  • Over 20% of the City's general fund comes
    from sales tax, which amounts to over
    $18 million a year.
  • One-hundred percent of that sales tax
    revenue goes directly to public safety,
    community services, and facilities that
    make our City a better place to live, work,
    and play. Learn More
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This site can only list businesses located within the boundaries of the City of Simi Valley. In establishing this website as a "nonpublic forum", the City of Simi Valley has the responsibility to ensure that any participating businesses on this website are sensitive to a diverse customer audience. Therefore the City reserves the right to grant or deny the request of any business to participate on this website and any request to establish links to websites that are controlled or maintained by them. Review the City's policy.

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